Sophie Elizabeth Sparks

Friday 20th  August

Here she is and already 2 weeks old already!

So I went in on the 5th August to be induced. After 3 atempts at breaking my waters, a sweep and a pessary, they finally managed to break my waters at 7:30am on Friday 6th. I was having contractions but they weren't strong enough to make a difference so they put me on a hormone drip. Then the pain hit! I was on gas and air which I hated and felt like someone was drilling through my bones. I heard the midwife say we were looking at 4hours!!! so I opted for an epidural - I had been adament I wouldn't have one but I was desperate. The epidural was fine and I managed to give birth naturally, although I did have a 3rd degree tear which basically means my two holes became one!

I hadn't realised but the baby's heart rate kept dropping badly throughout and was very low at the pushing stage so the midwife was going to cut me just before I ripped anyway. I was pushing like there was no tomorrow as they were going to have to take some blood from her scalp to check her oxygen levels and I was told that if they couldn't find out anything from that it would be a c-secition as it would have been a failed intervention. I hadn't gone through all that to then have a c-section so I pushed!!!

I had to go to theatre to be stitched up but it was fine as they just topped up my epudural for it. I didn't feel any pain, thank god, just people touching me. The best part was the catheter so I had a good nights sleep. And apart from the massive list of drugs I had to take, the injury healed quite quickly and going to the toilet was absolutely fine. Relief all round.

Sophie is fantastic and most certainly worth it all but it was definitely an experience not to be repeated!

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