Sophie Elizabeth Sparks

Friday 20th  August

Here she is and already 2 weeks old already!

So I went in on the 5th August to be induced. After 3 atempts at breaking my waters, a sweep and a pessary, they finally managed to break my waters at 7:30am on Friday 6th. I was having contractions but they weren't strong enough to make a difference so they put me on a hormone drip. Then the pain hit! I was on gas and air which I hated and felt like someone was drilling through my bones. I heard the midwife say we were looking at 4hours!!! so I opted for an epidural - I had been adament I wouldn't have one but I was desperate. The epidural was fine and I managed to give birth naturally, although I did have a 3rd degree tear which basically means my two holes became one!

I hadn't realised but the baby's heart rate kept dropping badly throughout and was very low at the pushing stage so the midwife was going to cut me just before I ripped anyway. I was pushing like there was no tomorrow as they were going to have to take some blood from her scalp to check her oxygen levels and I was told that if they couldn't find out anything from that it would be a c-secition as it would have been a failed intervention. I hadn't gone through all that to then have a c-section so I pushed!!!

I had to go to theatre to be stitched up but it was fine as they just topped up my epudural for it. I didn't feel any pain, thank god, just people touching me. The best part was the catheter so I had a good nights sleep. And apart from the massive list of drugs I had to take, the injury healed quite quickly and going to the toilet was absolutely fine. Relief all round.

Sophie is fantastic and most certainly worth it all but it was definitely an experience not to be repeated!


D - Day !!!

Thursday 5th August 2010

Well finally this day has arrived and baby is holding out to the bitter end! I managed to get my induction appointment changed to today - 42 weeks over. I'll be going in at 6pm tonight, again depending on if they have a bed for me. So it may take a few days for baby to actually make an appearance, and I'm guessing it will, but at least I'll be in the right place trying to make things happen!

My midwife appointment went well, everything as it should be. However, she wouldn't give me a sweep because there was no sink in the room and the facitlities were just not adequate. She told me that there is no evidence that they work and it wouldn't stand in my way of getting induced. She suggested using clary sage essential oil in a bath or rubbing it on my tummy in a carrier oil. I was a bit unsure as my Auntie is a retired aromatherapist and I used to work for her on a saturday when I was at school. I'd remembered that clary sage was not to be used in pregnancy. So I rang her.....the reason it is not to be used (before 38 weeks) is because it can induce labour, and therefore can cause miscarriage if used too early, similar to raspberry leaf tea. I had a bath with 10 drops of oil in and later on in the evening I put 4 drops in a teaspoon amount of lotion which I rubbed on to my tummy. It smells lovely, although is very strong, and has relaxing properties. No baby, but I do feel relaxed and slept quite well. I think I will put some drops on a tissue to put under my pillow for the labour.

It feels weird to be booked in to have the baby rather than it just being something natural that could happen at any time. I feel like I'm going into hospital to have something removed, which I know I am, it's just weird that it will be my baby that I have been waiting sooo long for!!

If I don't go into labour by 9pm, my husband and mum will have to come home and wait for a phone call that I have gone into labour so that they can come back in. It'll be strange when they go and leave me in the hospital. I've never spent a night in hopsital since I was 4 and my mum stayed with me then.

Still, I'm excited. We're finally going to meet our baby by the weekend, finally know whether it is a boy or a girl and who he/she looks like!! I'm hoping this is my last blog on pregnancy and the rest will be about being a new mum. It's been a long time and I can't say I've enjoyed all or much of it - what with the tiredness, nausea, heartburn and anxiety but I'm certainly glad to be at this stage now, even though it's going to hurt!!

Bring it on...........


Countdown begins again....4 days to go

Monday 2nd August 2010

Another false alarm last night. Contractions were down to 5 minutes apart but were more uncomfortable than painful and stopped when I lay down. I've had a phone call from one of the midwives this morning telling me that I am booked in to be induced on Friday. She explained that my appointment is 9am but if they are busy with ladies in natural labour I will get delayed. If the first pessary does not work I will have to wait 8 hours before I can have another one and again that could be delayed if they are busy. It could go on a while! But if baby does come on Friday, he/she will be sharing their birthday with Nanny.


10 days late

Sunday 1st August 2010

Another false labour again last night. Bloody Dr. Braxton Hicks. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! So much for a July baby :(


8 days late

Friday 30th July 2010

We had a curry last night, it didn't work. Baby started his/her aerobics workout early last night so I managed to get to sleep in peace. I've had a good sleep and am now all ready to go....again!

Another false alarm - one week overdue :(

Thursday 29th July 2010

I was positive I was in the early stages of labour last night. I had lots of pains which went right through my belly button to my back. They were more painful than the Braxton Hicks I had been having but not as painful as I expected real contractions to be. There was not much of a pattern to them but I was hoping that was just the beginning. Went to bed expecting to be getting up through the night, but alas, here I am again today!

At least it is not as hot today and I have had a little more energy. But still waiting.....


Another disappointment

Wednesday 28th July 2010

I had my midwife appointment which was quite disappointing. She couldn't reach my cervix so wasn't able to do an actual sweep of the membranes, so instead she had a 'rummage' which she says can sometimes still get things moving. I bled for a little while after and had 'old blood' smears on my liner for the rest of the day. Did the deed with the hubby, hoping the sperm would do the magic and thin my cervix, but woke up to more 'old blood' stains. So I now officially give up. As sick as I am of hearing "the baby will come when it's ready" I now just have to wait.

If I go into labour tonight my midwife will be on call. Failing that I won't see her again until after the baby is born as she will be away on holiday. Apparently I will get booked in on Tuesday for an induction sometime next week, depending on when and if the hospital have space for me! My next midwife appointment (with someone new) will be Wednesday, which seems like such a long time to wait. Fed up doesn't even come close.

Still waiting

Tuesday 27th July 2010

Well, my midwife appointment got changed from yesterday to this morning. She has promised that she will give me a sweep today though. I woke up this morning with a horrible stitch pain in my side. I think it was baby lying on a nerve so I had to lie down on the bed to make the baby move. It has helped but it still aches a little bit.

It has got to be today!!


4 days late

Monday 26th July 2010

Still no sign of baby! I walked a long way yesterday hoping to bring on the labour and last night I actually thought it had worked. I was getting much stronger contractions and they were actually hurting but then I managed to go to sleep and they disappeared, so am guessing they were just not painful enough.

I am hoping the midwife will stick by her word and give me a sweep today and that will make things happen. I started reading up on overdue pregnancies and read about the risk of a still birth the later it is, so that really helped with my neurotic mind!!

My bump seemed to completely change shape yesterday. It's always been at the front but it became much more forward and pushed out, meaning baby has much less room to kick his/her legs about. The movements are getting more uncomfortable now as the space is limited and obviously the baby is getting stronger. He/she will probably coming out looking like they've been in the bath too long!!

Let it be today!


40 weeks + 2 days

Saturday 24th July 2010

I had so many pains yesterday I was convinced that baby was on its way, but not yet! I woke up with period pain which stayed with me all day. I had a few contractions, nothing painful or regular but I was hoping they would turn into something more.

Today I have been using my new Hoover in the hope that my 'nesting' would bring the labour on. At least my house is clean! Will be going for a carvery tonight, hubby's idea that it might flush the baby out - I'm willing to try anything!!

I can't even describe the feelings of impatience now, everything is just on hold and it feels like we're just waiting around. Even when the labour starts, it's going to be slow. I'm just hoping that I don't end up having to be induced because nothing is happening, like my mum was for both of hers. Fingers crossed something will happen this weekend....


Due Date!!

Thursday 22nd July 2010

I'm really hoping, against the odds, that baby will come today. I know it's unlikely but hey ho. I've already had a phone call this morning from the health centre asking if they can change my sweep to tomorrow instead. Then she asked how late I was and I told her due date was today and she couldn't understand why my midwife said she would sweep me today because they normally wait for 7 days late. So, they aren't going to do it til then! Bit of a disappointment really because I had started to think that we might have baby by the weekend. But now, probably not. As they say, baby will come when he/she is ready.

It's pouring with rain today. I'm definitely glad that it is cooler but will be a bit housebound so might just have to do some cleaning :(


1 day to go.....

Wednesday 21st July 2010

Husband is home safe and sound, so all systems go. I thought baby might come last night, I had so many twinges and Braxton Hicks but no such luck. Most of my friends think the baby will come on Monday, seems to be a popular day for births and by then I will have had two sweeps so it is quite likely. But, it still seems so far away!

At least I had a pretty good sleep last night. Was on the sofa from 2am and was up regularly in the loo, but I woke up at 6:45am and don't feel tired, hooray!!

I've been trying to think what I want to do today as it could well be my last day of freedom, for a very, very long time. The sad thing is, what I really want to do is buy a new hoover so my mum can vacuum my stairs carpet! My old hoover has given up on me and the carpet is now in a bit of a state. Oh the life of a 30+ domestic goddess!!


2 days to go.....

Tuesday 20th July 2010

Well I managed to make it through the dreaded night of hubby being away with no signs of labour. What a relief! Also had a good night's sleep - 3 wees and awake at 5am - bonus.

I was at the midwife yesterday, all good news. She says the baby's head is now engaged (in the pelvis and ready) and the period pains I was having were all good because it is the sign of things starting to move. She has also confirmend that it is a good idea to be drinking raspberry leaf tea because it can help make things happen. She has put me down for a sweep on Thursday (due date) and made an appointment for another one on Monday if nothing has happened by then. So hopefully I will have had the baby by this time next week!!

Now that I have something to aim for I'm feeling like I need to get more bitty jobs out the way, like buying a new kettle and a washing line. And as my mum is here I'll be able to venture out a bit further and actually go into town! A busy day in store for me.


Crossing my legs

Monday 19th July 2010

Mum's here, hubby's there. This is the day when I need to keep my legs crossed and hold on til hubby gets back tomorrow night. There was so much activity going on in my womb last night I thought he would never make it on his business trip but alas, I am still a big fat heiffer today.

I've had NO sleep at all, not even one wink! Don't know if it was a combination of a busy baby, knowing the alarm was going off at silly o'clock to get hubby up for the airport or the reoccuring panic of 'what if baby comes while he's away?'. So, when the alarm went off at 4:50am I almost jumped out of bed because I was so sick of lying awake in bed, on the sofa, in bed, on the sofa, in bed. There will be afternoon napping today without a doubt!

Good news is the 'down in the dumps' phase has passed, hopefully not to return. It does feel good to know that I have help now so I can go to the supermarket, pick up last minute bits n bobs etc without the fear of venturing out alone. Since a scary incident a couple of months ago when I nearly passed out in Asda, to be helped by no one, I've not strayed far from the house since. Now, it's like I have my freedom back. If only I wasn't so tired......


Down in the dumps :(

Saturday 17th July 2010

For some reason, and I didn't think it would have ever happened during my pregnancy, I've felt really down in the dumps today. I know I've been irritable and grumpy and that's before me husband kindly pointed it out to me, more than once! I did of course remind him that if I'm feeling irritable I'm only going to feel worse when you tell me that I'm irritable. (I have also told him this fact just about every month when PMT sets in, but to be fair to him it's been a while and he may well have forgotten the protocol).

I don't even know what I'm down about. I could be giving birth anytime now and the worst case scenario is now only another two and a half weeks, which isn't so bad and like I've said I'm really not worried about the birth, just excited. I think it's just the waiting, everything seems on hold....and of course the hormones....and of course, every little twinge makes me think, this is it! An anti climax is never well received!

So, all set for picking my mum up at the airport tomorrow. Perhaps once I've got her here and hubby is back from business trip and I know that I'm good to go, maybe then the reality will sink in and I can start to relax. I'm sure most people would expect this to be the least relaxing part of all, rapidly hurtling towards labour but not me, the closer the better.

I'm looking forward to my midwife appointment on Monday - will it be my last? Realistically I'm thinking not, but there can't be many left. The baby's head has got to be fully engaged now, I've certainly had plenty of the 'corkscrew' feelings which are supposedly the baby getting itself into position. And it does feel as if my bump has 'dropped'. We'll see. Up until now the midwife has been able to feel 2/5. I was 9 days late and apparently all squashed (nice, eh?), I'm hoping that my baby won't follow in mum's footsteps!


6 days to go.....

Friday 16th July 2010

Ok so I'm up at 6:30am, had about 6 trips to the loo through the night but I managed to stay in bed all night - and that's an achievement! For a few weeks now I've ended up on the sofa for all or part of the night. Not because my husband has kicked me out the bed (he's been very tolerant) but because I have lost the feeling in both my sides and my hips really hurt. I've discovered that when you reach these heights of discomfort the sofa becomes as comfortable as you might imagine a cloud to be......for about ten minutes. But, those ten minutes are so blissful, it's worth it!

I've also just discovered that by adding another pillow under my head I can lie down without feeling like I might be sick with heartburn. I had thought heartburn was meant to ease in the third trimester, unless it's my over 30 heartburn which I am confusing with my pregnancy heartburn, and I'll actually have it for the rest of my life!?

My agenda for today - I'll have a shower soon, take the dog for a walk, put another load of washing in, perhaps read my Harlen Coben book (highly recommended author), take the dog for a walk, have some lunch, watch Neighbours and Home and Away, read my book, wash bedding for my mum's visit, finish my book, take the dog for a walk, and make the dinner. Quite a busy day really, I don't know how I ever managed to fit in a full time job!

The news today is that babies are more likely to die if they are born at night or at the weekend due to lack of oxygen, which can be avoided. Just to add another worry to the mix - how likely is it that I will go into labour during the day? Not as likely as during the night, if friends' experiences are anything to go by. And I thought I only had to worry about not giving birth this Monday night, the one night my husband will be away on business and is unlikely to be able to get home until the next morning. Now, I've got this to worry about too!!


39 weeks and waiting...

Thursday 15th July 2010

Today I've reached the milestone of 39 weeks pregnant. When I think that I could be having the baby this time next week it's so exciting. But the thought that I could be pregnant for 3 more weeks just seems too long to wait. I want to meet the baby now, see who he/she looks like, know if I'll be buying blue or pink and finally have a long awaited cuddle!!

So having got this far, my anxieties have changed from "is there even a baby in there?" and "why is it taking the midwife so long to find the heartbeat?" to "I felt a twinge, is the baby coming?". I'm not scared about giving birth, I'm incredibly excited. Every Braxton Hicks contraction (at least that's what I think they are) makes me think it will lead into the real thing. Wishful thinking, I know, the reality is I will probably still be waiting way past due date.

It's amazing how many people say how quickly my pregnancy has gone. For them, maybe! For me, it feels like I've been pregnant forever and I've still got so far to go. My hospital bag has been packed for about a month, baby clothes are all washed and hanging up, little jobs like dental check up and car insurance sorted.... The truth is now I'm just bored, everything seems to be on hold til baby comes and then I probably won't have enough hours in the day!

I'll be picking my mum up from the airport on Sunday morning - she's coming for the birth. Then I think it might start to sink in how close I am to the end. It's been stressful, every day there has been new things to worry about. Nobody warns you about how much time you spend worrying that everything is ok. And even now, I'm worrying that the baby will be born healthy, with five fingers and five toes and that I will actually know what to do and how to be this little person's mum. Phew! Only eighteen years of worry to go........