1 day to go.....

Wednesday 21st July 2010

Husband is home safe and sound, so all systems go. I thought baby might come last night, I had so many twinges and Braxton Hicks but no such luck. Most of my friends think the baby will come on Monday, seems to be a popular day for births and by then I will have had two sweeps so it is quite likely. But, it still seems so far away!

At least I had a pretty good sleep last night. Was on the sofa from 2am and was up regularly in the loo, but I woke up at 6:45am and don't feel tired, hooray!!

I've been trying to think what I want to do today as it could well be my last day of freedom, for a very, very long time. The sad thing is, what I really want to do is buy a new hoover so my mum can vacuum my stairs carpet! My old hoover has given up on me and the carpet is now in a bit of a state. Oh the life of a 30+ domestic goddess!!

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