4 days late

Monday 26th July 2010

Still no sign of baby! I walked a long way yesterday hoping to bring on the labour and last night I actually thought it had worked. I was getting much stronger contractions and they were actually hurting but then I managed to go to sleep and they disappeared, so am guessing they were just not painful enough.

I am hoping the midwife will stick by her word and give me a sweep today and that will make things happen. I started reading up on overdue pregnancies and read about the risk of a still birth the later it is, so that really helped with my neurotic mind!!

My bump seemed to completely change shape yesterday. It's always been at the front but it became much more forward and pushed out, meaning baby has much less room to kick his/her legs about. The movements are getting more uncomfortable now as the space is limited and obviously the baby is getting stronger. He/she will probably coming out looking like they've been in the bath too long!!

Let it be today!

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