40 weeks + 2 days

Saturday 24th July 2010

I had so many pains yesterday I was convinced that baby was on its way, but not yet! I woke up with period pain which stayed with me all day. I had a few contractions, nothing painful or regular but I was hoping they would turn into something more.

Today I have been using my new Hoover in the hope that my 'nesting' would bring the labour on. At least my house is clean! Will be going for a carvery tonight, hubby's idea that it might flush the baby out - I'm willing to try anything!!

I can't even describe the feelings of impatience now, everything is just on hold and it feels like we're just waiting around. Even when the labour starts, it's going to be slow. I'm just hoping that I don't end up having to be induced because nothing is happening, like my mum was for both of hers. Fingers crossed something will happen this weekend....

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