6 days to go.....

Friday 16th July 2010

Ok so I'm up at 6:30am, had about 6 trips to the loo through the night but I managed to stay in bed all night - and that's an achievement! For a few weeks now I've ended up on the sofa for all or part of the night. Not because my husband has kicked me out the bed (he's been very tolerant) but because I have lost the feeling in both my sides and my hips really hurt. I've discovered that when you reach these heights of discomfort the sofa becomes as comfortable as you might imagine a cloud to be......for about ten minutes. But, those ten minutes are so blissful, it's worth it!

I've also just discovered that by adding another pillow under my head I can lie down without feeling like I might be sick with heartburn. I had thought heartburn was meant to ease in the third trimester, unless it's my over 30 heartburn which I am confusing with my pregnancy heartburn, and I'll actually have it for the rest of my life!?

My agenda for today - I'll have a shower soon, take the dog for a walk, put another load of washing in, perhaps read my Harlen Coben book (highly recommended author), take the dog for a walk, have some lunch, watch Neighbours and Home and Away, read my book, wash bedding for my mum's visit, finish my book, take the dog for a walk, and make the dinner. Quite a busy day really, I don't know how I ever managed to fit in a full time job!

The news today is that babies are more likely to die if they are born at night or at the weekend due to lack of oxygen, which can be avoided. Just to add another worry to the mix - how likely is it that I will go into labour during the day? Not as likely as during the night, if friends' experiences are anything to go by. And I thought I only had to worry about not giving birth this Monday night, the one night my husband will be away on business and is unlikely to be able to get home until the next morning. Now, I've got this to worry about too!!

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