Crossing my legs

Monday 19th July 2010

Mum's here, hubby's there. This is the day when I need to keep my legs crossed and hold on til hubby gets back tomorrow night. There was so much activity going on in my womb last night I thought he would never make it on his business trip but alas, I am still a big fat heiffer today.

I've had NO sleep at all, not even one wink! Don't know if it was a combination of a busy baby, knowing the alarm was going off at silly o'clock to get hubby up for the airport or the reoccuring panic of 'what if baby comes while he's away?'. So, when the alarm went off at 4:50am I almost jumped out of bed because I was so sick of lying awake in bed, on the sofa, in bed, on the sofa, in bed. There will be afternoon napping today without a doubt!

Good news is the 'down in the dumps' phase has passed, hopefully not to return. It does feel good to know that I have help now so I can go to the supermarket, pick up last minute bits n bobs etc without the fear of venturing out alone. Since a scary incident a couple of months ago when I nearly passed out in Asda, to be helped by no one, I've not strayed far from the house since. Now, it's like I have my freedom back. If only I wasn't so tired......

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