2 days to go.....

Tuesday 20th July 2010

Well I managed to make it through the dreaded night of hubby being away with no signs of labour. What a relief! Also had a good night's sleep - 3 wees and awake at 5am - bonus.

I was at the midwife yesterday, all good news. She says the baby's head is now engaged (in the pelvis and ready) and the period pains I was having were all good because it is the sign of things starting to move. She has also confirmend that it is a good idea to be drinking raspberry leaf tea because it can help make things happen. She has put me down for a sweep on Thursday (due date) and made an appointment for another one on Monday if nothing has happened by then. So hopefully I will have had the baby by this time next week!!

Now that I have something to aim for I'm feeling like I need to get more bitty jobs out the way, like buying a new kettle and a washing line. And as my mum is here I'll be able to venture out a bit further and actually go into town! A busy day in store for me.

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