Down in the dumps :(

Saturday 17th July 2010

For some reason, and I didn't think it would have ever happened during my pregnancy, I've felt really down in the dumps today. I know I've been irritable and grumpy and that's before me husband kindly pointed it out to me, more than once! I did of course remind him that if I'm feeling irritable I'm only going to feel worse when you tell me that I'm irritable. (I have also told him this fact just about every month when PMT sets in, but to be fair to him it's been a while and he may well have forgotten the protocol).

I don't even know what I'm down about. I could be giving birth anytime now and the worst case scenario is now only another two and a half weeks, which isn't so bad and like I've said I'm really not worried about the birth, just excited. I think it's just the waiting, everything seems on hold....and of course the hormones....and of course, every little twinge makes me think, this is it! An anti climax is never well received!

So, all set for picking my mum up at the airport tomorrow. Perhaps once I've got her here and hubby is back from business trip and I know that I'm good to go, maybe then the reality will sink in and I can start to relax. I'm sure most people would expect this to be the least relaxing part of all, rapidly hurtling towards labour but not me, the closer the better.

I'm looking forward to my midwife appointment on Monday - will it be my last? Realistically I'm thinking not, but there can't be many left. The baby's head has got to be fully engaged now, I've certainly had plenty of the 'corkscrew' feelings which are supposedly the baby getting itself into position. And it does feel as if my bump has 'dropped'. We'll see. Up until now the midwife has been able to feel 2/5. I was 9 days late and apparently all squashed (nice, eh?), I'm hoping that my baby won't follow in mum's footsteps!

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