Another disappointment

Wednesday 28th July 2010

I had my midwife appointment which was quite disappointing. She couldn't reach my cervix so wasn't able to do an actual sweep of the membranes, so instead she had a 'rummage' which she says can sometimes still get things moving. I bled for a little while after and had 'old blood' smears on my liner for the rest of the day. Did the deed with the hubby, hoping the sperm would do the magic and thin my cervix, but woke up to more 'old blood' stains. So I now officially give up. As sick as I am of hearing "the baby will come when it's ready" I now just have to wait.

If I go into labour tonight my midwife will be on call. Failing that I won't see her again until after the baby is born as she will be away on holiday. Apparently I will get booked in on Tuesday for an induction sometime next week, depending on when and if the hospital have space for me! My next midwife appointment (with someone new) will be Wednesday, which seems like such a long time to wait. Fed up doesn't even come close.

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